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Welcome To Lek Hotel



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Lek  Hotel are locate in two different parts of Pattaya. Lek Hotel is locating on the Pattaya beach and Lek Jomtien is locates on the Jomtien beach.

Our recommendation for you is that, if you want a great night out then Lek Hotel is better. Since Lek Hotel is only 10 minutes away from the walking street. where as Lek Jomtien is about 30 minutes taxi ride. But if you want a quite holiday on the beach all day long then better stay at the Lek Jomtien. Jomtien beach is more than 5 km long.

Lek Hotel


Lek Jomtien Hotel


Front of the Hotel

Swimming Pool Bed Room
Daily Buffet CCTV Hotel Car Park




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